In the beginning ...

Posted by Ian on 22nd Feb 2015

In the beginning, there is chaos. Well, perhaps not quite chaos, but it often feels like it. I work on many small projects using different technologies, old and new, and my brain feels pretty saturated these days. I love reading about and trying new technologies, and often get quite excited about them. I may experiment when I have time, and make a mental note to try some new tool, technique, framework, environment on a suitable project when it comes up. Then, two weeks later, I've forgotten what I learned, and when an opportunity to use something new does come up. I have to re-learn it all over again.

So, this blog, is going to be my attempt to write down what I learn so I can get up to speed again after I've forgotten it all. Hopefully, I will have the self-discipline to take that little extra time to write things down as I go. Simply doing that, will probably help me to retain the knowledge for longer, and over time, I should have a decent reference, not just for myself, but for anyone else out there who may find these notes helpful.